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Puppies Available


AKC Certified Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Newborn Yorkie!
Newborn Yorkie Puppy from Mary's Little Yorkies

This is what a Yorkie puppy looks like when first born.  They all look exactly the same until they are about six weeks old.


We will provide permanent "HOME AGAIN" or "AKC Indigo ISO" microchip identification for your puppy, if you choose.   Your new puppy will come to you already fitted with a tiny harmless microchip if that is your wish.  The microchip will stay safely in place for life, offering protection from loss, theft, or separation due to natural or personal disaster.  The microchip number is unique and will belong only to your puppy. 

We are proud to offer this to our customers as a free service.  This shows, in a small way,  our commitment to a higher "Standard of Care" for our Yorkies.

Holly & Xerox's Yorkie Puppy - Our Past Litters
Brown & Black Yorkie Puppy for Sale in MS

Holly and Xerox's little boy.  SOLD


Another picture of Holly and Xerox's little boy. SOLD


 Lilly and Memorex's little boy.   SOLD


Ginger and Memorex's little boy.  SOLD 


Lilly and Memorex's little boy .   SOLD


Lilly and Memorex's little boy.  SOLD



Truffles and Memorex's babies were born 9/23/2015  SOLD OUT 

Jenny and Memorex's  babies were born 9/29/2015.  SOLD OUT

Gabby and CC's babies were born 10/17/2015.  SOLD OUT

Bella and Memorex's babies were born 10/26/2015.  SOLD OUT

Holly and Xerox baby was born 10/28/2015.  SOLD OUT

Lilly and Memorex's babies were born 11/24/2014.  SOLD OUT

Our males are usually $850 each and our females are usually $950 each.  Occasionally we will have an very tiny or special puppy that will be more.

Note:  We keep all puppies for a mininum of eight weeks to be assured that they are eating well on their own.

If you would like to reserve one of these babies go to the purchase agreement page, print it, fill it out and fax it to me with a deposit.  We do not take deposits until after the puppies are born.

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