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We only sell top quality AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier puppies.  Most of our yorkies are from championship bloodlines.  We have some of the healthiest, most beautiful yorkie puppies that can be found anywhere. 

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We are a family owned kennel and all our yorkie puppies are raised in our home.  We are a Christian couple living in Hazlehurst, Mississippi and have been breeding dogs for 35 years and yorkies for the past 20 years.  We now raise yorkies exclusively because we love their looks, affection, loyalty and temperament.  When fully grown, our yorkies will be from 3-1/2-7 lbs. depending on which sire and dam are matched.  We will try to help you select the exact yorkie puppy that you desire.

Many people want very small dogs because those breeds presumably take up less space. When considering getting a dog, size is just one factor. The breed's personality, activity level, and grooming requirements are some important issues to decide, and as always, do your research.

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as "Yorkies," are classified as a toy breed by the American Kennel Club. Yorkies are one of the smallest breeds around, with an average weight of 4-7 lbs and average height of 6 to 8 inches.  

***Keep in mind that the AKC doesn’t register or endorse "teacup" breeds.***

When searching for your perfect Yorkie puppy companion, always be highly suspicious of any Yorkshire Terrier breeders who advertise their puppies using descriptive words such as "teacup", “toy”, "micro" and look elsewhere.

Remember, there is no officially recognized teacup breed, so fraud becomes another factor, as there is no guarantee that the tiny puppy you are purchasing from the breeder is actually going to grow up to be less than 4 pounds. It’s all too easy amongst unscrupulous breeders to sell a puppy at a very young age, when it should still be with its mother by telling the prospective purchaser that the puppy is a teacup when in fact, it’s a few weeks younger than what the bill of sale is indicating.

We keep all puppies for a mininum of eight weeks to assure that they are eating well on their own. If you would like to reserve a puppy; click the puppies available link below, fill out the purchase agreement and email or fax it to us with a deposit. 

We do not take deposits until after the puppies are born.

Puppies Available

Is There A Difference?


Is there a difference between the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other registries like America’s Pet registry (APRI), Continental Kennel Club (CKC), American Canine Registry (ACR) and United All Breed Registry (UABR)?

YES! Responsible, reputable breeders who truly care about breed standards and healthy dogs with good temperaments will register their dogs with the AKC only.  You know that you are getting a purebred, and you have the ability to research the pedigree back many generations.  You will never see a responsible breeder register with APRI, CKC, ACR or UABR.

Back yard breeders and puppy mills use registries like APRI, CKC, ACR or UABR.  Typically irresponsible breeders register their litters under these registries because they do not require any accountability.  Their poor-quality dogs are ineligible for AKC registration, so they register with places where all you have to do is pay a registration fee and they send "papers".   Lax rules and lack of accountability lead to poor quality dogs and congenital defects.  DNA testing is not required, so there is no guarantee that the dog you are getting is purebred and there is little or no pedigree to track.

Teacup: Different Breed or Just a Tiny Yorkie?

There is no difference between a standard Yorkie and a teacup, toy or micro Yorkie. Anyone who tells you (or implies) otherwise either doesn’t know what they are talking about or is being dishonest and deceitful. Backyard breeders and puppy mills often give malnourished underweight puppies aliases like teacup, toy or micro teacup; risking the health of the mothers and puppies in order to make a big profit.  

Although smaller dogs can occur naturally in every litter which usually produces a “runt”, or one dog smaller than all the rest, more often than not, they are a product of unscrupulous breeders intentionally breeding two undersized dogs. Tiny underweight dogs are usually inbred, breeding runt to runt until they become so small that the puppies cannot survive at all. Breeding very small dogs is not safe for the mothers.  Dogs this tiny are very fragile and need special care to ensure they don't get hurt. 

Smaller-than-average Yorkies are more prone to broken bones from falls, jumping off high furniture or rough play from children. Therefore, they're better suited in homes with older adults and regular monitoring to prevent jumps and falls.  Abnormally small Yorkies (less than 3 lbs) are also more prone to serious health problems and birth defects. The breed standard is for 4-7 lbs. Responsible breeders only breed dogs that fall within this weight range.